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Nowhere Town : Ludlow.A near-future UK, centered around Ludlow and its' most powerful inhabitant, Doll Jakobs, also known as the Warden. The citizens of Ludlow are mainly unaware of the supernaturals living amongst them, and the extended network of wolf packs that defer to the Warden that are scattered all over Europe.
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After the Rain : Hydra.An off-shoot of Nowhere Town, the island of Hydra (Idra), Greece is the home of the Armored Hybrids, led by matriarch Skylar Almonté-Durham. While the locals are unaware, they're a highly superstitious group, and are aware that the family care very much about the island, and thus they can be quite protective when suspicious outsiders arrive.
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Reborn: Ventura, CA.A room where you'll find Myths and Legends Reborn.
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Beware the Moon : Georgian Bay, Ontario.Set in the Georgian Bay of Ontario, Canada, the company of Wolfhound Co. is owned and operated by an Irishman, Jack O'Callahan, and his wolf pack. In Killarney, on the Georgian Bay shore, the company includes everything from the Killarney Mountain Lodge, scenic flights and boat cruises, transport links to Faraway Camp across the Bay. The Camp provides cabins, camping areas, as well as all types of tourism activities. A bustling tourist area, overseen by the wolf pack and the allied fox skulk. - REWORKING, UNDER CONSTRUCTION.
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State of Emergency : London ARC.Based on ITV's Primeval, State of Emergency is set six years after Convergence, when the secret of the anomalies was out. Back under the umbrella of the Home Office, the London ARC has become the founding ARC for several across Europe and North America. The best and brightest work in the London ARC, using their skills to protect the public from creature incursions.
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Under Construction: Boston, MA.For centuries, curious marine creatures have come ashore to interact with the humans occupying the land. Now, those marine creatures have evolved, and are living among us. Mostly peaceful, they pass their mysterious powers onto the next generation. Now, amongst the people of the 21st century, they thrive - especially as the pollution in their historic home grows more and more every day.
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Character Model Galleries.Images of models for my various characters, for use in av requests.
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Miscellaneous.Various albums from my offline life.
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Miscellaneous Characters.Random characters that have no current home, or are roleplayed singularly in another room.
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Harriet 'Hattie' Korhonen.


Model: Julia Garner.
Powers: N/A.

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Temperance 'Ren' Ginemoux


Model: Rin-City.
Powers: None.

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Dusk on Bourbon Street : New OrleansAn LKH-based room situated in New Orleans, Louisiana.
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